ON Point: A Coach’s Game Plan for Life, Leadership, and Performing with Grace Under Fire

by Pam Borton


            The most important asset a leader can have is their team. But what if the team fails? Should the leader be expected to “take one for the team?” How would you handle the pressure to perform at a high level after failure?  How would you overcome crisis and succeed?

Veteran Division I women’s basketball coach, Pam Borton, shares her story and bares her soul about failure, success and what it means to be an elite leader in her new book, ON Point: A Coach’s Game Plan for Life, Leadership, and Performing with Grace Under Fire (Morgan James, late 2016).  In this part-memoir/part-guidebook, Borton imparts sage wisdom and major life lessons from her unique experiences leading on and off the court.

“ON Point is a very revealing look into my life, my experiences, my successes, and my failures,” said Borton. “My book provides a game plan to greater leadership, brings relevant and relatable stories and anecdotes from my unique background and experience, identifies potential obstacles and pitfalls, and offers successful solutions and strategies to take your leadership skills to the next level.”

Only a small few women have risen to the top of major college athletics—a hidden realm and fascinating business. Borton’s story is raw and gut-wrenching, providing a rare glimpse and insight into a world few will ever experience. Yet, the similarities, commonalities, and analogies that sports have to offer the business world are endless. Most readers will relate to sports either as an athlete or as a fan, and can find ways to apply those same principles and lessons to their own professional lives.

Each chapter of ON Point contains five parts, each designed to share crucial, pivotal and expert game plans to support the reader’s learning and practical application in their workplace. It also includes illustrations that depict the five-part playing court with definitions of each part and how they apply to leadership.  ON Point also includes the following themes:

  • The key lessons of leadership Pam learned as a Division 1 coach
  • Courage, Doubt and Grit: How to stay true to yourself as a leader
  • How to get a business team to become a high performing team
  • The top, must-have skills for leaders in this environment of change management
  • How to get the best out of your teams and the people around you
  • The critical skills women must have in order to take their skills to the next level
  • What parents can do to support and encourage their children in this day and age
  • How coaching elite athletes compares to coaching executives
  • How can leaders today manage the stress, pressure, and expectations that they experience on a daily basis?

ON Point also delivers inspiring strategies to get more women into leadership roles and set them up for success and ways to empower girls and young women to gain more confidence and advocate for themselves.  Borton’s advice will create ON Point leaders who bring out the best in people.

With 27 years coaching Division I basketball, including 12 years in the Big Ten, Pam Borton led her teams to a Final Four, three Sweet Sixteen’s, and numerous NCAA tournament appearances.

She has received the “Top 10 Global Women of Leadership Connector” award, “The (Real) Power 50 Award”, the “Ann Bancroft Dream Makers Award”, and the “National Coach of the Year Award” by the New England Basketball Hall of Fame and was recognized as a two-time Naismith National Coach of the Year nominee, and honored with the creation of the Pam Borton Endowment at the University of Minnesota in the College of Education and Human Development.

Now an International Coaches Federation (ICF) senior executive coach, Borton is a Global Leadership Consultant for Borton Partners and has a proven track record of success with C-suite executives, senior level leaders, business teams, athletic coaches, and organizations. To learn more visit PamBortonPartners.com, or connect on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Her new book, ON Point: A Coach’s Game Plan for Life, Leadership, and Performing with Grace Under Fire, will be available on Amazon as well as other fine booksellers in late 2016.

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