Chicago United announces their incoming President and Chief Executive Officer Tiffany Hamel Johnson.


Here is a link to the announcement:

Below is the text from the Chicago United April Newsletter interviewing the new executive.

Tiffany Hamel Johnson, the incoming president and chief executive officer of Chicago United, has built a career that makes any Chicago United supporter smile. She started her career in advertising and moved to corporate real estate. Then, she dove into economic development with a family foundation and, next, World Business Chicago (WBC). Shortly afterward, she moved into senior leadership roles, including chief executive officer with Windy City Harvest, chief of staff at the Chicago Urban League, deputy chief neighborhood development officer and assistant to former Mayor Rahm Emanuel and, most recently, number two in command at WBC.

Now, after being an influencer in the corporate, non-profit and government sectors, she’s eager to take the helm of an organization that has been a respected, trusted resource for leaders in each of those sectors. So, who is Tiffany Hamel Johnson? Leading in Color is pleased to introduce her.

LiC: You’re a Chicagoan. Where did you grow up?

THJ: I’m a proud, lifelong Chicagoan. I grew up on the North Side, but we lived on the South Side for a little while. I graduated from Ogden grammar school, Lincoln Park High School and U of I Champaign. Right now, I live in Lakeview with my husband, Derrick, and our son, Miles, who’s in the 7th grade.

LiC: What attracted you to the opportunity to lead Chicago United?

THJ: Really, the work that Chicago United has done over the years to expand access to opportunities helped pave the way for my career. I’m thrilled about this opportunity because my work parallels the mission of Chicago United—opening access and opportunity to help Chicago be a city that works for everyone.  I have worked across a variety of sectors, and I have seen the impact that diverse leadership can have on Chicago.

LiC: What’s one of your proudest professional accomplishments?

THJ: I helped direct the launch of the IMPACT Leadership Development Program at the Chicago Urban League. I’m proud to have that as part of my track record. For that reason, I’m really excited to bring my perspectives on recognizing and developing leaders to the Chicago United Business Leaders of Color. I know many people who believe their inclusion in that publication is a highlight of their career, and I’m looking forward to thinking about where we can take that signature program.

LiC: What are your early thoughts on changes you’d like to bring to Chicago United?

THJ: For years, Chicago United has stood for elevating business leaders who are committed to making Chicago a more equitable city. I’m eager to build on this legacy. Gloria (Castillo) has set a remarkable standard for advocacy and innovation in this space, and we all owe her a debt of gratitude. I hope to continue that standard and take advantage of opportunities to scale our programs. There is tremendous room for an organization like Chicago United to bring equity to communities and give people of color more chances to live up to their full potential in the corporate landscape. I really can’t wait to get to work on these issues with Chicago United’s members and stakeholders.

LiC: You come into this role at a time when people have unparalleled concerns about themselves, their loved ones and their neighbors. Will that affect the way you approach your new challenge?

THJ: We’re all coming to grips with the uncertain outcomes of the COVID-19 outbreak. But this global emergency has already made it very clear, as if we needed a reminder that we all rely on each other to thrive. I’ve seen in my career that if one group is choking from a lack of access and opportunity, then we’re all held back. At Chicago United, I plan to shine a light on what we can do at every level, in every sector of this great city, to make it better for everyone. I believe our members will continue to give great support to our mission.