How the Church is Stepping Up in the 2018 Midterms


By Barbara Williams-Skinner

The startling finding of the 2000 census that by 2060 there would be no majority race in America sent shock waves through the country, terrifying many white Americans. It also set in motion bold efforts to diminish the growing political power of African-American citizens. Among these were the census undercount, gerrymandering to dilute heavily black voting areas, and voter suppression. Today, at least 33 states have intentionally erected barriers to voting by enacting voter suppression laws. These laws include such deliberate actions as:

  • Reducing the number of voter registration days,
  • Removing voting precincts from inner-city churches to remote locations with limited public transportation, and
  • Cutting early voting days, including Sunday voting.


“Nothing diminishes the rule of law and our precious democracy more than voter suppression and efforts to marginalize and reduce the power of vulnerable voters.”