Interview – Supermodel Walks Virtual Runway For Collection Launched Amid COVID-19


With her luxury womenswear line Elle B. Zhou just revealed in a jaw-dropping online virtual presentation with the help of supermodel Shahad Salmon, we would love to arrange an interview with you and LA based fashion designer Elle B. Mambetov to share how she is launching her fashion empire during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please see here for a link to Elle’s virtual collection:

Previously featured in VogueELLE, and Harper’s Bazaar, Elle is poised to change the perception of modest fashion into something truly unique and sophisticated with the launch and virtual presentation of her luxury womenswear brand, Elle B. Zhou.

Elle’s collection is modeled by world renowned model Shahad Salman, who recently appeared on the cover of Vogue Arabia

“This collection is my brain, heart and soul stretching to collide two worlds of fashionable existence. Representative of my own journey into dressing modestly; each cropped top, short sleeved shirt, and pair of trousers have been re-positioned to fit within this new world as I seek to redefine modest fashion.” (- Elle B. Mambetov).