Multifaceted and Charming Actor

Christopher Jefferson
Christopher Jefferson

Multifaceted and charming actor, singer, dancer and former Vine star Christopher Jefferson is set to be dubbed as the “next generation of Hollywood leading men,” with the recent release of BET’s new original series “American Soul,” the untold story of “Soul Train” creator Don Cornelius in which Christopher portrays “JT Tucker,” one of the leads in this series alongside an all-star cast which includes Kelly Rowland and Kelly Price. From the producers of “The New Edition Story” and “The Bobby Brown Story” and executive produced by Don Cornelius’s son Tony Cornelius, “American Soul” currently airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on BET. We would love to arrange an interview with you and Christopher to discuss his character and role in “American Soul,” as well as his career as a singer and social media influencer.

“American Soul” Trailer

Set in the 70’s against the backdrop of an extremely cutthroat Hollywood, “American Soul” shares the untold story of “Soul Train” creator, Don Cornelius and the creation of his legendary music and dance program, responsible for the way African-American culture was perceived by the world. Christopher portrays ‘JT Tucker,’ a performance and musically-gifted high school student who is working to better his life, and the life of his families. Forced into quickly becoming the man of the house to help his younger sister, and his drug addicted mother, JT must find a way to continue to do what he loves, while working to support his family in need while trying to survive his tough, crime-ridden neighborhood.

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Showcasing true talent from a very young age, Christopher began playing the piano at 6 years old, and would later begin singing and playing guitar. Raised in a family of athletes who also embraced the arts, Christopher was raised to pursue what he loves and grew up participating in choir, plays and musicals. Once out of high school, Christopher’s natural comedic nature, charm and charisma lead him to become one of the top-rated Vine stars, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers, and millions of views. Christopher shortly after moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as a singer and as an actor at the age of 22. Having already released 3 singles through streaming and purchasing platforms like iTunes and Spotify, Christopher will undoubtably be one to look out for this year!

When Christopher isn’t busy in front of the camera, recording new music and memorizing choreography, he can be found keeping himself in tip top shape with a rigorous cardio and weight lifting routine, as well as regularly attending yoga classes. Christopher is also an avid lover of photography, fashion, and cooking.

We would absolutely love to arrange a fun and charismatic interview with you and 2019’s soon-to-be new favorite actor to discuss his role on “American Soul,” as well as his stellar career, and can be reached at or at 323-655-1009 to arrange. We so look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thank you!