Purpose Medical Mission

Siztus Atabong and the Purpose Medical Mission

How does a poor kid from a small village in Africa make his way to America, achieve success in the field of medicine, and become President of a spiritual mission group that provides healthcare to people around the world? If you ask Sixtus Z. Atabong, PA-C, he’ll credit his devotion to God and unwavering faith.

“At Purpose Medical Mission, we are perfect strangers driven by faith to perfect the body of Christ by helping one another,” says Atabong. “The message I leave behind is that if our volunteers can care for these people without knowing them, then God is asking them to care for each other. Show love for each other. Help each other fulfill their God-given purpose. This is the most beneficial form of charity.”

Available for interviews, Q&As, and bylines, Mr. Atabong can discuss:

  • Why the true American Dream involves Faith, Family, and Friends
  • Parents are the initial window to the world: How to give children the tools they need to discover their God-given purpose
  • A Father’s Words: How he was able to discover his unique identity and his own way of giving back through personal struggles and his father’s teachings
  • Corruption in Third World countries: Challenges facing the next generation in developing nations and how to hold their leaders accountable. Why we as Americans should care.
  • The Power of Optimism: Why America—the moral compass of the world—is so successful in promoting hope, instead of surrendering to despair