Rework Work Launches Inclusionomics Podcast

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Los Angeles – April 25th, 2019 – Rework Work, an L.A., CA-based human capital services and training consultancy focused on helping organizations address Diversity & Inclusion needs, launched a new podcast today called Inclusionomics. The podcast is hosted by Rework Work CEO Stacey A. Gordon, Negotiation and Career Development Coach Lisa Gates, andThelá Thatch, Founder and CEO of Mrs. HR. It can be downloaded at after April 25th. The podcast will take place biweekly.

Two of the three hosts are African-American women, and the Inclusionomics podcast comes at a time when there is a serious lack of diversity in podcasting. These three women have decided to tackle that market need with a podcast aimed at young professionals in their late 20s to early 40s who are looking to grow in their careers or change into a new one. Inclusionomics will help people who are looking for ways to maneuver the workplace and need a mentor who they can trust has their best interest at heart.

“As three successful, professional women, we will be imparting our knowledge, expertise, challenges and successes to the audience who may not otherwise have access to this information or these types of women.  We have become the mentors we needed along our professional career paths and we’d like to share what we know in the hope it will help someone when they need it the most. The podcast will highlight our stories and guests, including our beginnings, how we got our starts and why this podcast is important to us personally,” said Stacey A. Gordon, Founder and CEO of Rework Work and Inclusionomics Host.

Stacey A. Gordon, Host of Inclusionomics Podcast and CEO of Rework Work

The first podcast will be titled “Shoulda,Woulda, Coulda.” How many times a day do you find yourself saying “I should have…” You can fill in the blank with just about anything but have you ever stopped to ask yourself if that should have is something you want to do? And who says this- Your mom, your boss, your partner? This podcast will help stop all that noise and discuss how we can feel more included at work and in life.

About Inclusionomics

Inclusionomics® is a space we hold for spreading ideas and identifying tools to create inclusivity at work, at school, and in your community. It is about powering up people who are on the edge. The edge of action, the edge of complicity, the edge of giving up… And we offer them the fuel to get clear, get heard, get included, and take action to make a positive impact in this world. For more information, visit

About Rework Work

Rework Work is a Los Angeles, CA-based human capital services and training consultancy focused on helping organizations address Diversity & Inclusion needs through a proven, data driven methodology. Rework work’s nine-point system breaks D&I down into manageable target areas which include: reputation management, interviewing processes, compensation, onboarding methods, and skills building. Starting with awareness, Rework Work helps organizations create commitment to a process, embedding the behavior elements of diversity & inclusion into the framework of the organizational culture. Solutions are brought to clients via surveying for unbiased data, interactive presentations, facilitating dialogue, weighing the business case against the moral reasoning and discussing strategies for implementation. For more information, visit