This South African Born Author Proves You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind Tom

Jesmane Boggenpoel

How does one deal with the demons of the past? For Jesmane Boggenpoel, the demons are not those she created, but those set out by the evils of apartheid under which she grew up. During a time where poverty, racial discrimination, oppression and marginalization was at an all time high in South Africa, the now international author and business woman used this experience to express how important self – acceptance is and how critical it is to embrace both the positive and negative aspects that make us who we are. In her new memoir, My Blood Divides and Unites:Race, Identity, Reconciliation, she shares her inspirational account of overcoming apartheid, and how reconciliation can transform pain into hope and change the world.

Emulating strength and determination in all the she does, Jesmane was sure to not let her past define her future. She is a chartered accountant, hold’s a master’s degree from Harvard University’s JFK School of Government, serves on a variety of advisory boards, and is the former head of business engagement at the World Economic Forum. In her book she expresses that she is proud to have been able to set new boundaries and show others that even in the face of the devil working against you, you can soar to amazing heights. To book her for an interview or to request a copy or excerpt of her book, please reach out to me directly.

Note: The book has already received praises from professors at Stanford University and Trustees at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and the President of the Harvard Association in South Africa.

Topic #1: How Can the World Come to Racial Reconciliation?
Topic #2: South African Author & Leader Strives to Bring the World Towards Racial Reconciliation.


  • Through Jesmane personal accounts, she discussed her poignant coming-of-age during apartheid in South Africa; Where she dealt with oppression, discrimination, and marginalization.
  • Jesmane delivers a universally powerful message and provides readers with a roadmap to self-discovery, reframing their personal stories, and becoming inspirational leaders for others so that all individuals, groups and nations can, as one, look toward the future with hope.


  • Jesmane’s will discuss the ethnic origin of being mixed race in South Africa, and the story of mixed-race people has hardly been told on an international platform.
  • Jesmane will discuss the impact and consequences of racism, oppression and discrimination on humanity. Jesmane will discuss tactics on how to confront pain, vulnerability and other lingering emotions to reframe one’s personal story into one of hope
  • Jesmane will emphasize the importance of self-acceptance and how to reconcile and embrace both the positive and negative that makes up who we are. Jesmane will discuss the process of reconciliation, personal exploration and acceptance, and how they can unite individuals, communities and nations across the globe
  • Jesmane will explore the roots of conflict, to the fear of lacking and the desire to dominate.
  • Jesmane will dissect how diversity, technology, and leadership are coming together to help solve some of humanity’s most complex problems.

See a recent interview of Jesmane below on Good Morning LaLa Land:

Author and international business woman Jesmane Boggenpoel is an experienced executive and has served on the boards of various international organizations. She holds a Master’s degree from Harvard University’s JFK School of Government. Jesmane was honored as a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, is a Harvard Mason fellow and a shareholder and founding board member of African Women Chartered Accountants Investment Holdings. Boggenpoel has extensive global experience having studied and worked on three continents, as well as traveling to over 65countries.