Interview: Black Female Owned Business Entrepreneur Thrives Despite Pandemic

Hi Pam,

Having her business skyrocket more than 300% since the COVID pandemic began, Vernicia Respres, a truly inspirational entrepreneur and businesswoman has taken the creative initiative to help her already booming business, Brush Studios grow and thrive in the most dire of times. We would love to arrange an inspiring interview with you and the black female-owned business entrepreneur to discuss her most successful year so far with her now Virtual Painting Parties. Vernicia is also available to discuss expanding her business having already booked digital corporate events with industry titans including Amazon and Microsoft, as well as discussing the importance of representation for black women in the business and entrepreneurial space.

Based in Mableton, GA right outside of Atlanta, Vernicia brought to life Brushed Studios in 2018 as a creative outlet for herself and the community. Now strictly virtual, due to the pandemic, Vernicia took it upon herself to get creative with her new business and offer virtual painting parties for people around the world. Two months after offering the virtual classes, and through word of mouth with friends and colleagues in the area, her business took off on a national scale. Brushed Studios now offers worldwide shipping so people around the world can order their supplies from Vernicia and book virtual art classes. Having a creative outlet to balance her more corporate day job as Director of Digital Fundraising for Habitat for Humanity, Vernicia has found her creative and entrepreneurial balance for herself which has led to her massive success.

Growing up with two entrepreneurial parents, Vernicia was exposed to the world of business and its ups and downs at an early age. She also discovered her creative side and love of the arts at a young age which helped shape her into the businesswoman she is today. When Vernicia first began her professional career, she was hired as a radio personality at a local station. Her naturally shy personality lead her to stray away from being a radio personality and she began doing web design for the station and other businesses in the area. This transitioned into Vernicia working in the non-profit world. One of Vernicia’s many accolades include the creation of online fundraising for the American Cancer Society. After working with ACS for many years, an opportunity presented itself at the Carter Center for her to help them transition into the digital space. After working at the Carter Center for half a decade, Vernicia landed her now day job as the Director of Digital Fundraising at Habitat for Humanity where she helped take their online fundraising from $6million to $13million.

When Vernicia is not busy working at Habitat for Humanity or leading classes and corporate events with Brushed Studios, she can still be found being creative in her home space. She recently purchased her dream home in Mableton, GA and is hard at work on DIY projects around the house. Vernicia is also a big foodie and loves to cook and entertain.

We would absolutely love to arrange an interview with you and the truly inspirational entrepreneur to discuss all her success with Brushed Studio, and what it means to be a strong black female-owned businesswoman. We can be reached at or at 323-665-1008 to arrange. We so look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Thank you so much!
JT, Edgar & Shelley

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