Illinois CPA Society half-day Diversity Forum


Dear DMBA Subscribers,

Take a minute to look around you. There’s a change occurring. Our workforces are becoming more diverse and that trend will only continue to grow.

Whether you are an experienced leader or a new manager, we all have a responsibility to be proactive, adapt, and strive to make more meaningful and empowering connections with our customers and coworkers. Doing so will allow us to better attract, retain, and lead diverse teams that meet the ever-changing needs of our business world.

On November 14, the Illinois CPA Society will host a half-day Diversity Forum as part of a continuing effort to advance a profession that not only values but truly embraces diversity and inclusion. We will discuss ways to increase engagement, identify strategies for recognizing individual strengths and values so we all succeed and grow together, and explore proven inclusion concepts that ensure everyone feels their needs are being met.

As accounting and finance professionals, our future success depends upon our shared commitment to finding sustainable strategies for advancing diversity and inclusion within our teams and the profession.

I hope you will take my message to heart and join me at this important event. Registration is still open.