Insights from Pam: Hidden Talent: People with Disabilities (PWD)


Quick insights from our Founder, Pamela McElvane’s book, The Skiny on Diversity Recruitment. The thoughts shared here are gleaned from 15+ years of Diversity Benchmarking, executive discussions, and strategy development.



Persons with disabilities make up 19.1 percent of the workforce and are the world’s largest minority, which means that 15-20 percent of every country’s population is persons with a disability. An estimated 35 percent of the US population ages 21-64 years has a disability.


83 percent of companies from the 2019 ILI have intentional strategies in place to recruit persons with disabilities. What is important is for companies to track their activities of engagement to ensure expected results are achieved. It is forward-thinking for companies to execute strategies for inclusion for persons with disabilities and ensure these employees have a sense of belonging.

While diversity training is necessary, it has become a business imperative that recruiters be trained in multifaceted platforms. The graph above illustrates the required training that recruiters receive in addition to the expected training recruiters require. Companies are beginning to value basic training for respect and courtesy as part of the overall training.

More from Pam on Recruiting People with Disabilities

For a deeper dive, visit to get your copy of the SkiNy on Diversity Recruiting

Pamela McElvane
Pamela McElvane
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