Dream A Better Dream

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An Iranian Immigrant’s Journey to Find Hope & Happiness
in a Country Filled with Negativity & Hate

America was once the land of opportunity and optimism. Immigrants came here dreaming of success and happiness – and this dream was actually attainable. Upward mobility was possible for anyone regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into…..But today, things are different. For many, the American Dream is falling out of reach…especially for minorities. Our once-optimistic and hopeful society has become toxic and negative.


According to Iranian Immigrant Marina Shakour Haber, shifting this negative mindset is crucial in order to resuscitate the American Dream.



For centuries people from around the world have come to this nation to pursue the American Dream. But is it still viable or has it been snuffed out by a collective nightmare? Shakour Haber has been observing the increasing levels of divisiveness, racism, bigotry, misogyny and isolationism which led her to find her voice. She wrote Dream A Better Dream, to help people rise up peacefully and transform the negativity of our society into one of hope and great new potential.

Dream a Better Dream is a call to action. This inspirational true story details how Iranian immigrant Marina Shakour Haber found peace and happiness in America despite the negativity and hate.

This book serves both as an inspirational memoir as well as a self-help guide to social and personal happiness in America. It is a unique take on self help and social activism, as Shakour Habor offers personal self help strategies as a tool to transform the social problems in America


The book is written to help readers balance soul and society. Shakour Haber’s thought-provoking story encourages people to be change agents for peace at a time when America needs it the most.  She delves effortlessly into deep topics that get to the very root of who we are and where we come from. By following the blueprint she outlines in her book, we can all work together to make the world the place we want it to be.

“This book is the fabulous reminder of why and how we are on this Earth, in this Universe, and to remember there are universe(s) beyond our here and now. So eloquently written and poignant in sharing her own private stories of her own spiritual journeys and revelations… ”
-Rainier Daze, Amazon



Marina Shakour Haber was born in Tehran, Iran; spent her youth in Munich, Germany; took her education to Paris, France; and continued her studies in Vancouver, Canada before settling in America in 1987 to pursue her dreams of starting her own business.

Shakour Haber is now an author and speaker whose life’s purpose is to open people’s minds to the untapped wealth and abundance waiting to be discovered when they break away from restricting beliefs. She wrote Dream A Better Dream to help people transform the negativity of our society into one of hope and great new potential.


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