Insights from Pam: build your own: recruiting best practice case study

Insights From Pam:
SkiNy of Diversity Recruiting: Best Practice Trends in Recruiting Strategies
Chapter 13: build your own: recruiting best practice case study

Case studies can be very effective in creating engagement with your team when solving a problem. My approach here is to provide a case study as a learning platform that can be easily duplicated for other business initiatives that need more attention.

Let’s review the eight principles of developing a case study

Key Elements of a Case Study

  1. Start with the five W’s
    ▪ Who’s Involved,
    ▪ What Happened,
    ▪ Where’s it happening,
    ▪ When it occurs and
    ▪ Why it is happening
  2. Develop main points in the beginning
    ▪ Identify the challenge
    ▪ The solution to the challenge
    ▪ The benefits gained

Go ahead and get started building your case study to share your story and engage others to help you achieve the changes that you desire

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