Insights from Pam: establishing metrics to track results

Insights From Pam:
SkiNy of Diversity Recruiting: Best Practice Trends in Recruiting Strategies
Chapter 12: establishing metrics to track results

I believe in a three-step approach to establishing effective measures to ensure best case results based on current circumstances, changing environmental dynamics, and mandates by any authority you deem accountable.

  1. Goal Setting:
    5 principles that are important in setting goals that will motivate others: clarity,
    challenge, commitment, feedback, and task complexity.
  2. Key Performance Indicators:
    To be effective, a KPI must:
    ✓ Be well-defined and quantifiable.
    ✓ Be communicated throughout your organization and department.
    ✓ Be crucial to achieving your goal.
    ✓ Be applicable to your Line of Business (LOB), department, or function.
  3. Tools to Measure Progress:
    At minimum, tools should measure progress, identify gaps, and provide action steps
    to support behavior changes.
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