Beyoncé’s Parents Team with Young Entrepreneur to Launch Social Platform

Richard Lawson

This past Sunday in a large theater in Los Angeles, Beyoncé’s famed mother Tina Knowles Lawson and her husband Richard Lawson hosted and moderated a conversation with Rhett Lindsey, the founder of the new social and writing platform the Diverse Perspective, and we would love to arrange an interview with you and Rhett to share how he and the Lawson’s are working together to launch an innovative new way to share opinions across the internet.

At only 29 years old, tech entrepreneur Rhett Lindsey is a disrupter. As a bisexual African American working in Silicon Valley he never felt like he fit in, however he created a seat at the table and is now widely known for his work transforming relationships with the world’s largest dating app.

Rhett’s mission with the Diverse Perspective platform is to engage users with unapologetic conversations on politics, race, culture, fashion, community, family, parenting, lifestyles, entertainment, and pressing social issues. It is also a place where writers get paid for their work, based on unique views and engagement. To accomplish this, he features weekly articles written by himself and a team of esteemed contributing writers. By fostering engagement and communication among and between marginalized groups, the Diverse Perspective creates a safe space for the once-voiceless to share their thoughts on today’s most pressing, contentious, and topical issues.

Richard LawsonLast week, Rhett was selected to present ar the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit, where he showcased for the first time the Diverse Perspective to a group of top entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and journalists. He was chosen to be a part of ‘Forbes Startup Hub,’ which spotlights disruptive companies connecting them to the world’s most influential audience, investors and media brands.

Rhett now resides in Los Angeles, CA with his husband Michael and is currently pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Creative Writing and Literature at Harvard. The Diverse Perspective is a safe place where culture and content meets conversation from diverse viewpoints, and would be thrilled to arrange an interview to share Rhett’s latest venture and passion.