Al is a Key Workforce Priority

AL is a key workforce priority

Topics like artificial intelligence and other emerging technology like robotic process automation are inundating headlines and boardroom discussions. Employees have also taken notice, with 37% who say they are worried about automation putting jobs at risk, according to the PwC’s Workforce of the Future report. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that 75% of US workers are ready to learn new skills or retrain to remain employable in the future.

Demand for tech-savvy HR is rising

Our workforce survey found that only a third of business leaders are confident in HR to navigate the tech landscape in ways that can help the C-suite stay on top of jobs and talent in a world of AI. In another study on digital readiness, we found that HR leaders have the lowest Digital IQ across the senior leadership team, meaning that others in leadership don’t yet have the confidence in them to plan, source, or support a digital-first workforce plan. Now is the time to focus on preparing for tomorrow’s workforce.