Alchemy by Mastermind

Alchemy by Mastermind

May is Mental Awareness Month followed by Men’s Health Month in June. Alchemy by Mastermind Connect could not have launched at a better time.

Mental health issues with men are on the rise especially with the loss of unemployment and this pandemic we are living in. The psychological toll is enormous overall. According to Mental Health America more than 6 million men are depressed and the numbers are rising.

Alchemy by Mastermind arrives in time for the isolation world of COVID-19 we are living in. This new platform provides a virtual support group, and will serve as the digital counterpart to complement Mastermind Connect’s thriving local chapters while operating as a members-only platform designed to promote health, wellness, professional development, and social connection.

Mastermind Connect, has been shattering outdated stereotypes by encouraging men to become the best version of themselves since 2016. Now, The new virtual program allows men to adapt to the climate and to remain a safe space and resource for men to practice self-love.

In acknowledgement of the current quarantine status, the Alchemy collective is providing a three-month “Be Well, Stay Well” revitalization and accountability program to all its members. The program cultivates focus and productivity amid the coronavirus pandemic through courses, including goal setting, yoga, meditation, wellness, and business-success principles. Alchemy also consistently offers courses, live discussions, game nights, business incubators, and workshops to forward-thinking men focused on self-improvement, leadership, and community.