Preteen/Teen Girls Launch Businesses through The GEMZ STE(A)M & Entrepreneurship Camp


The GEMZ is a leadership and mentoring program for young ladies between the ages of 11 and 18.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 5, 2018 – The GEMZ is fostering the growth of our young female generation with the latest installment of STE(A)M and Entrepreneurship Camp. The three-day camp, hosted July 19-21st in Greenbelt, MD, provided a unique program structure that integrates art, science, entrepreneurship and technology skills.

Several studies show that learning about entrepreneurship at a young age instills self-confidence and creativity, and ultimately prepares them for the future. Programs like THE GEMZ provide exposure for young ladies to entrepreneurial adults, promote self‐regulation skills, financial risk tolerance, and instills an innovation orientation in youth.

Sessions & workshops included as part of The GEMZ STE(A)M & Entrepreneurship Camp include:

  • Fragrance Science Lab
  • Introduction to Software Coding Workshop
  • Business Development/Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop
  • Voiceover Technology
  • Introduction to TV Production
  • Personal Branding

Some of the girls have already taken the skills from the camp to launch their ideas and set their business plans in motion.

Abby, 12, launched a business where she sells back-to-school supplies to parents who are busy. She’s also working on building a website to provide information and resources for teenagers who are seeking

volunteer opportunities in their community.

Another GEMZ participant, Tam, explained, “I learned that I can use what I love to do now to provide a solution to a problem I have noticed, and decided to start a business providing all-natural deodorants for kids. This helps to protect other teens like me from harmful chemicals and substances currently in most deodorants in the stores.”

Several community partners and organizations stepped up to support the girls, including New Wave Foundation, BEACON DC, Walmart, Greenbelt Community Foundation, Music in Film and TV, and the City of Greenbelt.


About Adeola Ariyo Enikanoselu

ADEOLA ARIYO ENIKANOSELU is a social entrepreneur, an inspirational speaker, a re-invention and visionary strategist and a Certified Women’s Leadership expert.

She is passionate about inspiring and impacting people to live a fulfilled life by equipping them with the necessary tools and life skills to accomplish this.

Although a Software Engineer for almost two decades and an astute entrepreneur, she actively pursues her passion for mentoring, coaching and empowering others to pursue purposeful living. This led to the birth of a non-profit organization, THE GEMZ, INC – a Mentoring and Leadership program for middle and high school girls and the creation of GENX Ladies Platform – The 1stprofessional and lifestyle platform for multicultural women between ages 35 and 50+.

Adeola actively coaches and consults with individuals and small businesses on how to holistically grow their personal and business brands, attract their dream clients without losing their authenticity. She has mentored and coached several hundreds of small business women owners to grow successful businesses and organizations over the past 15 years.

Recently, she started an initiative to teach and encourage others to pursue Wealth and Wellness in every area of their lives by hosting conferences, seminars and speaking at different organizations.

Adeola has been featured on a few TV platforms such as Good morning Washington/ABC7/Channel 8, Bmore Lifestyle/Fox 45 to name a few.

Her motto is to live and not merely exist.


About The GEMZ

The GEMZ is a leadership and mentoring program for young ladies between the ages of 11 and 18. The
GEMZ’s mission is to empower girls and young ladies through mentoring and programs focused on
developing their self-esteem, life and leadership skills.

In ‘Living a Life of Value’, our programs and activities focus on building better self-esteem, self-confidence and leadership skills among the girls.


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