Best Cities for Women in Tech

Best Cities for Women in Tech

Tech jobs are particularly desirable because they are in high demand, are less vulnerable to automation and pay well. But women have faced systemic difficulties in securing tech jobs, and when they do, they typically earn less than their male counterparts. 

Some cities, however, offer better conditions for women to build their careers in tech. 

In its sixth annual study, SmartAsset analyzed 59 of the largest U.S. cities to find the best places for women in tech to work and live. We considered metrics ranging from the gender pay gap to tech employment growth and a few highlights include:

  • There’s a new number one. Baltimore now claims the top spot, edging out Washington, D.C. in three of the four metrics we analyzed: gender pay gap, income after housing costs and four-year tech employment growth. After claiming the top spot in our study for the past five years, D.C. ranks second in this year’s study.
  • The biggest cities aren’t always better. Only one of the five most-populated U.S. cities – Houston – ranks among the top 15 cities for women in tech. New York (#27), Chicago (#31), Phoenix (#44) and Los Angeles (#47) fall much further down on our list.
  • The national tech gender pay gap has widened. In 2018, women working in computer and mathematical occupations earned about 83.1% of what their male counterparts did. That’s down about 3.8% from 2015 when women’s earnings were about 86.9% of men’s in tech roles.

The full report, including methodology and rankings, can be found here:

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