Breast Pump Made for Mom-trepeneurs

Freemie Liberty Breast Pump
(C) Mummy Confessions | Freemie Breast Pump Article

It’s a sad truth that in 2018, a time when more and more women are speaking their truth, that inside the offices, women are still pressured to conform to old societal norms. Until the workplace changes, women are never going to feel comfortable pumping breast milk at their desk or in their offices which is why Freemie is so important. The Freemie Liberty breast pump is made for the mom-trepeneur in you by being the comfortable, hands-free, on-the-go solution for new moms who still want to kick butt in the office.

Worn under the clothes, moms can pump anywhere be it at their desk, the office cafeteria, or even the conference room! The ease and accessibility of Freemie Liberty doesn’t let lactation get in the way of hopping on that important call or responding that timely email. I mean if Brianne K. Nadeau refuses to let pumping getting in the way of her taking care of business during a 6-hour public hearing in the court room, you can do it too!

Even though federal law requires that employees give mothers breaks so they can pump and a separate, private room to pump, it doesn’t effectually help to normalize pumping. With the Freemie Liberty breast pump, gone are the days of having to lug a bag of equipment or stay tethered to the plug. Freemie helps to rid the stigma of pumping and helps usher in a new age in the workplace where pumping is viewed as a natural thing.

Freemie Liberty is:

  • Compact (can fit in one’s pocket)
  • Rechargeable
  • Hospital Strength
  • Closed system version, does not require use of any disposables.
  • Includes a detachable belt clip, so the user has a variety of wardrobe options for added customization of her pumping experience.