How Do You See The World?


In a world with so much dissension and disagreement, it’s time we start listening to each other. By truly listening, we can build a better understanding of someone’s point of view, and then learn to empathize instead of judge. Hopefully this can encourage real authenticity among our beautifully diverse and greatly divided world.

But, listening without judgment is one of the most challenging things a person can do. Have you ever tried it?

Until now, we haven’t seen anything that actually challenges our own perspectives in an inclusive and thoughtful way. Thanks to entrepreneur (and mom) Cathy Cranberg, who has developed an engaging card game aptly titled How Do You See The World?, we can encourage people to go beyond their comfort zones while truly learning how others view the world through important question asking.

The game includes one dice that will select one of five categories of interest (below). Then just pull the card and read the question from the associated category.

  • Reflections. What Choices Have You Made? What is Your Most Cherished Memory?
  • Relationships: Where Do You Come From? Who Are the People Around You?
  • Aspirations: Who Do You Want to Be? What Makes You Tick?
  • Life’s Purpose: How Do You Contribute? Where Do You Belong?
  • Beliefs: What Are Your Guiding Principles? What Makes You Feel Powerful?

While this game was designed to draw loved ones together, it quickly became a project, a movement really, that speaks to not only those we know, but those we wish to know better. With variations of game rules and suggestions available, this game can be played around the family dinner table, with longtime companions or with your newest neighbor.

So whether you want to have deeper conversations in your social circles or really want to connect with your family, How Do You See the World? from Authentic Agility Games will spark the conversation and is now avail on Also a portion of the proceeds from all Authentic Agility Games will support educational and entrepreneurial organizations that are changing the world.