New Mom + Woman Entrepreneur, Marina Cunmins Creates Elegant Personalized Baby Books


There are many personalized baby books on the market. While most of these allow parents to input a child’s name they are generally light on unique specifics.

Recognizing a niche for online baby products that garner an estimated $6 billion annually, new Mom Marina Cummins, Director of Mobile Products at American Express, had a vision for taking the personalized baby book market to an entirely new level. With this in mind, Marina and her husband, James, launched Little Book of You, an easy and elegant alternative to the traditional baby book.

Little Book of You creates 100% customizable books, timeless mementos telling each baby’s unique story through fun and special facts about their birth and their birthday, the year they were born, their family tree, and all the wonderful people who couldn’t wait for them to arrive.

New parents are so overwhelmed they often only fill out the first few pages of the traditional baby book and then feel bad about not keeping it up. Little Book of You appeals to digital natives who can complete the 15-question online survey in less than 20 minutes, press submit and within days receive in the mail a ready-to-share, professionally illustrated, printed story book. It’s the ideal way to give busy moms a way to create a lasting keepsake in one sitting.

Marina Cummins is a mom, a busy executive at a Fortune 500 company and an entrepreneur in a business she launched with her husband. A conversation with her would provide valuable insights and inspiration for other women with their own dreams of launching a business as she can take them through the process of developing the business plan, the challenges of starting a business with your husband and the long-term goals and objectives for the company.