Denver, Colorado-based Jelie a Powerful Force in Male-dominated Rap Music Industry

Denver, CO – August 29, 2018 – Bradlie Jones, the multitalented female rapper and producer who performs under the moniker Jelie, has announced the release of her second EP, titled H Virus, on September 17, 2018. The self-produced 5-track EP, a follow-up to her 2016 release T Virus, shows Jelie at the height of her creativity and production skills, moving into textured, more soulful R&B territory while still laying down heavy, thought-inspiring beats and lyrics.

“I’m really excited to release H Virus and show some of the musical ideas I’ve been working on for the past couple of years,” said Jelie. “I think my new EP will connect with a broad range of people and will show that I’m multifaceted and still growing as an artist,” she added.

A 21-year-old Denver native, Jelie is something of an anomaly in the male-dominated world of rap and hip-hop music. She has been writing her own tracks since 2005, when she recorded her first single “Gemini”, and has produced many tracks for other Denver-area rappers. Jelie also designs and develops sounds, and produces templates and video tutorials for Propellerhead Reason, a digital audio workstation for creating and editing music and audio. A University of Colorado at Denver student, Jelie will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music – Emphasis in the Recording Arts in May 2019.

With her new release of H Virus, Jelie, who raps and plays piano and keyboards, wrote all the lyrics and music, and produced each track, creating all the sounds and drum sequences herself except for one. “The only sound I couldn’t create was the saxophone solo in ‘Empress’,” said Jelie, “but luckily a friend plays sax very well, and I was able to mic and record him in the studio, and it sounds great on the track.”

Tracks on H Virus include “Hush”, “Locked In”, “I Called”, “Walk the Talk” and “Empress”. “Hush” talks about Jelie’s path navigating life, success and the streets. In “Locked In”, Jelie raps about the tenacity and veracity with which she approaches her life. “I Called” examines ups and downs while trying to keep your line in focus. “Walk the Talk” shows how Jelie fights life’s temptations and peer influence. “Empress”, which ends with a minute-plus saxophone solo, reveals the attitude of self-respect that all artists, and women, need and deserve.

Three of the five tracks on H Virus (“I Called”, “Walk the Talk”, “Empress”) were purposely written without any expletives or harsh language. “I wanted a few tracks to be cleaner, so that they would appeal to a broader audience and might inspire younger rappers to write their own songs,” Jelie said.

Jelie’s new EP H Virus is available for preorder on her website and on music services including Apple Music and iTunesGoogle Play and Amazon. The first single from the EP, Walk the Talk, is available now for download.

About Jelie

Jelie (pronounced Jell – Eye) is a multitalented musician, rapper and producer based in Denver, Colorado. Fighting temptations and evading peer influence, Jelie’s music and lyrics present the story of the lost and the vision of raw truth. For more information, to download music, or inquire about booking a performance, please visit:https://www.jelie303.com/.