Ritika Singh – Leader in Blockchain / AI Technology


There has been and will always be (probably & unfortunately) talk of a gender gap, especially in tech.

Would love to connect you to Ritika Singh, a leader in blockchain / AI technologywho has been flying under the PR-radar since building her company, InnCreTech.

  • The business is based in NJ and really trying to ignite growth in startup tech within the state.
  • InnCreTech is an incubator for startups in the area and an in-house research & development company (with Fortune 500 clients).
  • Ritika structured the business in a way that startups are able to take advantage of InnCreTech’s internal research and tech resources. *one-stop-shop for startups in NJ


She was just featured in NY Biz Journal’s BizWomen section: InnCreTech CEO talks mentoring ‘bleeding-edge’ startups