Sculpting the Body and Shifting Weight and Appearance from the Inside Out with Expert Sheronica Henton


Introducing Sheronica Sade Henton of SherockFitness Physiques, a professional bodybuilder and fitness model who competes in the IFBB as a top Women’s Physique professional athlete. Henton is known throughout the industry for having one of the most complete and aesthetically pleasing shapes with crisp conditioning, with a background in sports including dance, modeling and pageants. Sheronica “Sherock fitness” Henton believes in the body positive movement for all people. She says, “My mission is to push past mental blocks and love yourself for all that you are, health first of course. Test your limits, engage in daily physical activity, invest in your skincare and proper supplementation.” Her sponsors include Old School Labs, Bellringer Athletic Gear, Let’s get checked blood testing company, Pro Tan LLC tanning company, and center stage competition jewels.

Sheronica has a vast amount of knowledge in fitness and is educated on nutrition and can speak about customized diets, and training plans.  Both of the previous topics include the importance of the connection between fitness, health and beauty. All topics relate to keeping not only a healthy physique from the inside, but healthy and flawless skin from the inside out.

Sheronica Sade Henton was born in Killeen, Texas on June 30th, 1988 but considers the peach state of Georgia her home. Although she feels most comfortable in Georgia, being a military brat has allowed her to travel the country and throughout Europe. She feels this has shaped her into the woman she is today through learning about cultures that differ from her own.


At the tender age of two years old, Sheronica began her dance career. Performing at multiple venues and gaining stage experience would eventually lead her to compete in Pageants. Although she fancied the art of dance over being a gymnast, it never seemed to cross her mind that one day she’d be taking her vast skill set to the biggest stage of bodybuilding.


Entering her high school years, Sheronica fell head over heels for the sport of Track & Field, as a Heptathlete. After graduating high school, this talented young woman became a Collegiate athlete for Liberty University, and Georgia Southern University. Unfortunately, She went on to receive her degree and push forward in new life ventures, despite a knee injury and surgery.


Finding love again in weight lifting, she has been able to combine a new type of athletic with stage performance. In 2012, while living in Germany, Sheronica stepped on her first bodybuilding stage and the rest is history. She eventually moved back to the states where she met her first and only coach, training her from being an amateur athlete to a professional bodybuilder within a handful of shows. She is now a 4x Olympian and has one of the most complete physiques in the sport.