Top Cities for Women’s Pay – Study


On average, women earn only 80 cents for every dollar that men do nationwide. In some places, however, wages are higher for women and the gender pay gap is smaller.

In recognition of Women’s History Month (March) and ahead of Equal Pay Day (March 31st), SmartAsset crunched the numbers to find the best U.S. cities for women’s pay. Some highlights include:

  • Women earn $42,736 on average. Across the 150 largest U.S. cities, median earnings for women averaged $42,736. Earnings were about $12,600 higher, on average, across the top 10 cities for women’s pay (at $55,339).
  • Western cities are strong at the top. Six of the top 10 cities in our study are in the West. They all rank within the top third for growth in women’s earnings from 2016 to 2018.
  • Pay equity has room to improve. Women’s earnings were equal to or exceeded men’s in only four of the 150 largest cities: Yonkers, NY (No. 1); Spring Valley, NV (No. 3); Tempe, AZ (No. 4) and Aurora, CO (tied for No. 30).

The full report on the study, including the methodology and rankings, can be found here: