Why Emotional Intelligence Will Become Your Most Valuable Skill at Work

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Many professionals and executives are concerned with the prospect of AI and robots. Many believe that they will take over manual or labor-intensive jobs that can (and will) be automated.

Career development expert Soulaima Gourani says in an article on CNBC that soft skills, such as Emotional Intelligence (EI), or the ability to connect with and be creative with others, is what’s going to make employees more valuable–and it’s something that can’t be automated.

Soulaima defines emotional intelligence as having a “good understanding of yourself, self-control, empathy, and a natural understanding of people’s decisions, needs, and desires.” What’s more, “It’s a deep human understanding and embracement of people who are different from yourself,” she adds. When we think about the possibility of lost jobs due to AI and automation, we can feel assured at least by the fact that in the modern workplace the ability to communicate clearly, problem solve, and work collaboratively are of more value than having only the technical capacity to get work done.

Soulaima says, if you can accept diversity in age, personalities, and educational, economic, or ethnic backgrounds, and manage the conflicts that come from that, “you will be the highest paid, most valuable employee in the company.”

Soulaima is a TED Talks Mentor and works with corporate clients and world leaders as a World Economic Forum expert in behavioral science and education. She is a two-time author and speaks on the topics of change management, career developmentleadershipentrepreneurship, global trade, emotional intelligence and much more 

Soulaima Gourani is much sought after as a speaker, where her role is to revitalize European and U.S, and many other international companies in areas such as strategy, management, and career development. Throughout her career, Soulaima has inspired and challenged an impressive number of the worlds’ largest and most innovative companies—a fact that her list of references can testify to. She is in high demand because of her fifteen years of management experience in multinational companies, her vast knowledge and innovative approach to sales, her management strategy, her career development, her ability to predict how markets will respond and change, and her almost-unlimited energy and authenticity. She was rewarded for these qualities when she received an award as a speaker of the year in 2010 in the category Trends and Tendencies.

To request an interview, or a byline article on any of the following topics from Soulaima below, please reach out to me directly.

Suggested topics: 

  • Embracing Change
  • Improve Internal Cooperation
  • How to Lead Generations Y and Z
  • Turn Customers into Fans
  • From IQ to EQ (emotional Intelligence)
  • Become a Strategic Networker
  • Work-Life Balance
  • How to Spot Innovation
  • Future of Finance
  • Success in Management
  • Human Rational
  • NGO Work and Why Everyone Should Do This
  • Getting the Support You Deserve
  • Women Leadership: Can You Spot a Female Boss?
  • Most Important Skills in Business
  • How to Find Your Motivation
  • The Importance of Thinking Outside of The Box
  • Why Most Partnerships Fail
  • Leadership: Here’s Your Next Big Challenge, Your Company
  • How to Recognize Talent
  • How Can You Afford Your Freedom?
  • Why Making Money Should Never Be Your End Goal

Link to videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=63&v=GTgbCRii_As

To learn more about Soulaima, please visit: http://soulaima.com/

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