Women World Cup


Everyone is talking about equal pay after the United States great World Cup victory. So does that mean for women moving forward, women of color in sports, business. What does the GOLD CUP standard? You win and still do not get paid the same. Tierra Kavanaugh Wayne clients such as Toyota, Humana, Brown-Forman, PGA, Omni Hotel and Resorts make her a great source or topic to consider for a interview.

As small businesses continue to grow larger and larger, coupled with bigger businesses growing into multi-national corporations, it is clear that good practices surrounding women, women of color, gender bias and diversity are a vital key to an organization’s future. Yet, despite decades of evidence proving that businesses need diversity, especially with the billions of dollars spent annually on diversity training, statistics are still appalling regarding the lack of these practices in corporate, private, and public culture. Hence, companies like TKT & Associates are now more than ever becoming more of a necessity than a luxury for companies across the nation.

TKT & Associates, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is a multi-dimensional organization, providing diversity for suppliers, workforce and total talent management solutions. The company specializes in garnering inclusive workforce MSPs, staffing, recruitment process outsourcing and contact centers. The current revenue is approximately $80 million with 228 employees.

Tierra Kavanaugh Wayne is the CEO of TKT & Associates and as of this year has been ranked (#2) among this year’s Women Presidents’ Organization 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies list: TKT & Associates in Forbes Fasting Growing Women Owned Business.

With so many movements and revolutions sparking nationwide surrounding women’s right, women’s equal pay in the work place across industries, gender bias, diversity and much more, Tierra Kavanaugh would make a perfect interviewee and expert on these topics for your platform. Tierra is available to discuss on your outlet topics such as: Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, Women of Color, Business, Project Management, Talent Fulfillment, Workforce Culture, and Gender Bias to name a few.


Our innovative HBCU contact/call center solution is one of our most exciting projects.  We recognize that many corporations struggle, internally, to tap into quality diverse talent. Likewise, a high majority of minority students’ applications into many corporations for intern and/or co-op opportunities get lost in the system; we created an onshore BPO solution to close this gap.

Our solution provides a potential opportunity for new revenue generation to the HBCU institution, flexible work opportunities for the students that earns them an income but more importantly an opportunity to develop the soft skills that LinkedIn’s most recent workforce study identified that corporations say are missing from recent graduates: leadership, communication, collaborative work settings and conflict resolution! In addition to that…critical thinking skills…all of which, as we know, are lifelong transferable skills. And equally important, this solution allows our clients to tap into a highly qualified diverse talent pool from a plethora of departments within their organization: legal, marketing, accounting, engineering, research, etc. to nurture, cultivate and acclimate to their own corporate culture.


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