DIVERSITYMBA Media Extends Prayers to Families of Five Americans Whose Deaths Were Linked to the Riot at the U.S. Capitol.

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CEO Pamela McElvane Calls on Americans to Dismiss Political Hats to Heal the National Divide

CHICAGO – Pamela McElvane, the founder and president of DiversityMBA Media and one of the nation’s foremost authorities on diversity, equity and inclusion in corporate America and other sectors, issued the following statement today in response to the tragic turn of events in Washington where the deaths of five people have been linked to the riot at the nation’s capital that were inspired by President Donald Trump.

“Diversity MBA Media is truly saddened by the tragic turn of events in Washington that have resulted in the loss of five precious lives following a riot at the nation’s capital aimed at disrupting our Democratic process. We extend our heartfelt prayers to the families of those who lost loved ones as they seek comfort and peace during this difficult period, and we pray for the healing of our fragmented nation.

Now, the hard and most difficult work begins to make America the great nation it strives to become.

President-elect Biden has named a diverse cabinet to set the tone of inclusion over the next four years. Now, that representation must show up in providing protections and safety for all in our nation, eradicating the inequities that stem from the abuse of wealth and power from those who manifest and weaponize privilege.

But we all have a role here. We cannot just sit back and hope that change occurs. If we do, then the question is who we can truly blame for the continued chaos and lack of progress in America.

The test is how expeditiously can we remedy this situation.

We must put aside the political hats at this time. We are at a state where we must truly become one nation. We must appeal to our humanity, be open to inclusiveness, be empathetic and supportive of the person we would less likely support. We must decide to give empathy. We need each of us to reach another one of us. With this interaction, we will begin to shut down this systemic hatred and the environment that perpetuates violence. Right now, there is pain, but we can turn the pain into a helping hand. And we must do this because the greatest weapon we have for change is ourselves.”

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