Generation Z Looks a Lot Like Millennial’s on Key Social and Political Issues

Generation Z

The views of Generation Z (those ages 13 to 21 in 2018) mirror those of Millennials on a range of social and political issues, from Donald Trump’s presidency to the role of government to racial equality and climate change. These younger generations express a liberal set of attitudes and an openness to societal change that sets them apart from older Americans.

Learn how Generation Z is on track to be the most diverse and best educated generation yet

Gender and Jobs in Online Image Searches

A new analysis of a broad sample of employment-related images from Google Image Search finds that men are somewhat overrepresented in online image searches for jobs compared with their actual job participation rates. Among all individuals shown in the search results, men appeared 60% of the time, yet men make up 54% of all individuals employed in the jobs examined, according to 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Generation Z
Americans’ view on masculinity differ by party, gender and race

About half of Americans (53%) say most people in our society these days look up to men who are manly or masculine. Republicans and Democrats differ over whether this is a good thing: 78% of Republicans who say society looks up to masculine men say it is, compared with 49% of Democrats.

Blacks have made gains in U.S. political leadership, but gaps remain

2020 Electorate
An early look at the 2020 electorate

The 2020 U.S. presidential election is rapidly coming into view – and so is the electorate that will determine its outcome. While demographic changes unfold slowly, it’s already clear that the 2020 electorate will be unique in several ways.

Generation Z 3

Gen Z is as liberal as millennials, if not more 

One-Third of Eligible Voters in the U.S. Will Be Non-White in 2020, Research Says 

Study: One-third of 2020 eligible voters will be nonwhite



Thirty-six percent of women in STEM jobs say sexual harassment is a problem in their workplace. Read more about workplace equity in the STEM field.

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