LGBTQ Survey: Americans Reflect On Trending Topics


A June 2019 LGBTQ study reveals Americans’ thoughts and concerns on LGBTQ topics.

  • While 68% of Americans think LGBTQ equality is improving and 83% believe that LGBTQ equality can be achieved in the workplace, 77% still believe that LGBTQ topics should be taught in our schools.
  • Regarding 2020 elections, 69% of Americans said they would vote for a gay president and another 52% believe America is ready for an openly gay president, yet 38% don’t believe a gay president would have their best interests at heart and 32% believe an openly gay president would make the United States look weak.
  • Additionally, as the 50th anniversary of Pride month nears a Pride March in NY this weekend only 15% of Americans were able to correctly identify the Stonewall Inn (in NY) as the birthplace of the LGBTQIA rights movement, yet 58% said they would want to visit the historical site

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