Rafael Díaz-Granados – 2013 Top 100 Under 50 Executive Leader


Rafael Díaz-Granados, JD

Simplification Leader, GE Healthcare division
General Electric
Georgetown University

Rafael Díaz-Granados is the Simplification Leader for GE Healthcare, General Electric’s healthcare division. As a key member of GE Healthcare’s leadership team, he is tasked with making GE Healthcare easier to do business with for customers, instituting simple processes that eliminate unnecessary work for employees and freeing up resources to redeploy into technology investments and commercial coverage. By empowering decision makers across the globe, Rafael’s goal is to have GE Healthcare execute faster for customers in every single market. Rafael joined GE in 2000 as the Strategic Alliances Counsel for GE Healthcare and was promoted to several Legal and Six Sigma leadership positions. He became President of GE’s operations in Mexico in 2006 and was named President of GE’s operations in Spain and Portugal in 2009. Most recently, Rafael was the Growth Leader for GE Latin America where he led strategic marketing initiatives and key accounts.