Executive Coaching

Executive Coaches offer an objective view of your career and can help you focus your attention on the best strategies for career development. They can also help you develop specialized competencies. Likewise, Mentor relationships can help you navigate your professional ascent and give you the benefit of another’s experience.

Diversity MBA Magazine has selected the following organizations based on their experience, commitment, and proven methodology: They are each committed to nurturing your key skills—both soft and analytical— and helping you chart your unique path to success.

Pope & Associates
A leader in diversity awareness, training, and measurement for over 20 years


  • Leading a Diverse Work ForceThis seminar is designed to help senior administrators and executives provide positive leadership by viewing personnel diversity as a business issue. Its focus is on achieving a competitive advantage through fuller utilization of existing human resources.
  • Managing Personnel DiversityManaging Personnel Diversity
    provides the knowledge and commitment necessary to effectively manage in today’s diverse work environment. Far beyond mere “awareness” training, the MPD gives today’s managers practical skills for managing people of different backgrounds. Like all our training modules, the MPD can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs.

Focused on the professional development of women through innovative cross-company mentoring programs.

  • Menttium 100To participate in this unique learning experience, mid-level female professionals with demonstrated talent, energy, and vision are selected by their organizations to participate in this yearlong program. Each woman is paired with a more-experienced executive, either male or female, who serves as her mentor throughout the program year.
  • Virtual 100Clients can now offer cross-geographic, cross-company mentoring partnerships to all of their top female talent, regardless of location. All components are delivered in a virtual model via leading edge technology, email and phone. MENTTIUM® understands how critical talent development and retention are to organizational success in today’s global work environment.

Management Psychology Group
A consulting firm of professional licensed psychologists, MPG helps people grow to their full potential on the job.


  • Executive CoachingCoaching is ongoing and is focused on psychological consultation, not therapy. It is used to help successful executives reach even higher levels of performance, and involves targeting specific developmental areas for improvement. We provide professional critique and feedback using a variety of methods to help the executive develop an action plan and to assist in the implementation of that plan during regular consultation sessions.