Juan Jose Del Real – 2013 Top 100 Under 50 Emerging Leader


Juan Jose Del Real, MBA

Textiles & Apparel Executive Representative
Proexport Columbian Government Trade Bureau
Universität Leipzig

Juan Jose Del Real is theTextiles & Apparel Executive Representative for Proexport Columbian Government Trade Bureau. Prior to this role, he was the owner of A&J Electronics in Orlando, Florida. He was also previously an exports advisor for Proexport Colombia. Prior to working for Proexport, Del Real was a consultant for THIEM® Security Solutions GmbH. He was also the Director of International Cooperation Department for the Centro Integral de Servicios Empresariales in Colombia. Del Real speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and German. He earned his MBA in MBA in Small and Medium Enterprises Development from Universität Leipzig. He also earned a degree in International Business from Universidad EAFIT in Colombia.