Katherine LaVelle, MBA – 2012 Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executive Leader Awardee


Katherine LaVelle, MBA

Managing Director, Talent & Organization, North America
Georgetown University

LaVelle joined Accenture in 1993 and has spent her post-graduate career consulting in the financial services industry, working primarily in North America and Europe, implementing international, large-scale and complex change programs, specifically in the capital markets and retail banking sectors. Her areas of expertise include merger integration, operating model and organization design, human resources strategy, sales and service performance, and business-driven learning. She has been recognized by Accenture and multiple clients for her dedication to workplace diversity. She sponsors a monthly diversity and inclusion newsletter that highlights individuals, their interests, and their accomplishments that make up the global workforce. Additionally, she has successfully helped companies to manage a merger of generations, cultures, regions and ages, through careful communication and processes. LaVelle has also made it a priority to counsel and mentor female clients and colleagues on how to build their personal brand and promote themselves to advance in their careers.