Kevin Crump, MBA – 2012 Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executive Leader Awardee


Kevin Crump, MBA

Senior Vice President
SunTrust Bank
London Business School

Crump leads a team of internal consultants on focused on enterprise-wide initiatives driving operational excellence. Prior to SunTrust, he was a selected engagements manager at AT Kearney, where, among other accomplishments, he oversaw a change management team of eight to conduct a change readiness survey with 1,000+ respondents; multi-channel communications; senior stakeholder engagement; and performance management training. He produced a new sizing and workload capacity model estimating 10% lower future FTE requirements and provided organizational re-design recommendations for the CEO and leadership team of a mobile operator employing 5000. Before that, Crump was internal consultant/business development manager at British Telecommunications Plc, where he evaluated outsourcing opportunities to generate sales growth in communication products through competitive benching marking and operational audits, and spearheaded a rapid implementation team which improved idea-to-market time by 70% and gained £1 million in committed sales introducing a new product bundle for the small business segment across multiple channels