Kim Warren-Martin, MBA – 2012 Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executive Leader Awardee


Kim Warren-Martin, MBA

Global Women’s Initiative Mgr
Intel Corp.
University of Dallas

Warren-Martin manages Intel’s global women’s initiative. A trained software engineer and seasoned technical marketing professional, she joined the organization in 2006 as the external events marketing manager. The mix of technical experience and marketing skills made her the most likely to assume the role of women’s initiative manager. Warren-Martin often speaks on recruiting, retaining and developing women in the technology industry. She takes a practical approach to helping others assess where they are, determine where they want to be and start on a path to getting there. Warren-Martin is a lifetime member of Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals, a board member for the San Jose Multicultural Arts Guild and a co-author of the number-one bestseller Living Proof: Celebrating the Gifts that Came Wrapped in Sandpaper, a project she worked on with New York Times author Lisa Nichols. Her latest book is Take Back the Spotlight: Overcoming Trauma and Fear.