Experiences And Insights From Clara Wong by Valerie Porfano


This article is part of a series focused on bringing you insights from experienced and successful professionals about what they’ve learned and how they are adapting to the current business climate.

Clara Wong
Senior Vice President, People, Administration & Asset Protection
Wal-Mart China

V Porfano: What characteristics, skills or abilities have you developed that help make you successful as a leader?

CW: There are many leadership skills that I developed over the years. The most important, I believe, include taking and giving feedback, prioritizing, communication, and recognizing people.

V Porfano: Given that many corporations are now recovering from the economic meltdown, what leadership challenges are taking center stage today?

CW: Among many other leadership challenges, managing change is probably the most important challenge that we are facing. As leaders, we are leading the changes, driving the changes and modeling the right behavior in the face of the changes.

V Porfano: What experiences in your career best positioned or prepared you for a global leadership role?

CW: Any experiences that improved my global perspective were most helpful, as they enabled me to strategize and lead in both developing and developed markets.

V Porfano: Did you take risks in your career? If so, what type of risks and how did they prepare you for the unexpected?

CW: Yes, I have been constantly challenged to take on unexpected assignments in my career. I was frequently challenged to take on responsbilities that I was not familiar with. Such assignments made me improve my listening capability, communication skills, and the capability to lead strategically.

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