Find Your Power Voice And Unleash the Leader In You

Wherever you find a successful corporation, organization, or team, you’ll find an outstanding leader. Yet as a leader, you’re only as strong as your ability to empower, motivate, and inspire others to pour the best of themselves into the achievement of one common goal.

The methods by which you lead people on their climb to success can be dissected and displayed in an encyclopedia of strategy. However, it need not be complicated. The tools of leadership excellence can be lassoed into a single skill.

This one skill is an art every great leader has relied upon in every field of endeavor for thousands of years. It’s been used to amass great fortunes, lead powerful nations, and win the hearts of countless men and women.

Socrates had it. Winston Churchill had it. So did Albert Einstein. This one skill can strengthen your character and catapult your effectiveness as a leader in short order. And the best part about this skill is, you already possess it within you.  In fact, you were born with it.

What is it, you ask? I’m talking about using your power voice.

Your power voice is the missing link between where you sit right now and the accelerated achievement of your most challenging goals. It is a fundamental quality of leadership, empowerment, and the team spirit. And because it is intertwined with the unwavering truth of ethics and integrity, your power voice is that part of you the whole world will listen to. Use it properly, and it will blow the lid off the productivity of your organization now and for the years ahead.

What, Exactly, IS Power Voice?

During a conversation, there’s an exchange of both information –what is said — and emotion — what you feel. It’s your everyday “conversation voice” that speaks the information  — all the facts and details of what you’re saying. This information is transferred from your mind to your listener’s mind. But your ‘Power Voice’ is a completely different animal. In a nutshell, your power voice is the expression of feeling and emotion that speaks from your heart to the heart of your listener.

Let me explain: As humans, we are emotional beings. It’s not information that excites us, nor is it logic, facts, or data of any kind. What truly drives us is the passion, desire, love, fear, feelings, rush, and emotional high that is triggered by logic and information. It all comes down to one thing: Before you can spark motivation within a person and stimulate him or her into action, you’ve got to reach into his or her heart. Like Cupid’s arrow, your power voice pierces the hearts of men and women. Make that connection, and through others, you can move mountains.

Your Power Voice is a source of greatness, leadership, and life-long success, not only for you, but for those you touch as well. And its rewards extend far beyond the boundaries of corporate America. You can use it to attract abundance in all areas of your life.

Some Real-Life Examples Of Power Voice In Action.

In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. roared the words, “I have a dream” to America. That speech raised public consciousness of the civil rights movement. It established King as one of the greatest orators of American history, and it continues to impact American lives almost half  a century later!

Mother Theresa enriched countless lives with help, hope, and faith through her power voice and humanitarian efforts. Others with a well-developed power voice include Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Barak Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.

The Power Voice is also how every corporate officer has led their organizations to the top of their industry with seemingly little resistance, struggle or strain, whether they’re familiar with the concept or not.

Of course, not everyone has a Martin Luther King inside them waiting to be released. So you may doubt whether or not you really do have a power voice of your own.

Everyone has one. Your power voice is rooted and grounded into the core of who you are.  It’s part of what makes you human. Whether you realize it or not, you use it on a regular, and even daily, basis. You see, whenever the words you speak connect on an emotional level with someone, you’re using your power voice. In fact, the whole human experience is tied together every day by invisible acts of power influenced by your power voice in both your personal and business life. Your ability to channel it to empower, enlighten, and even persuade others is a matter of simple application and practice.

Why The Power Voice Works So Well.

It’s all about tapping into human emotion — the glue that attaches their desires to YOU and your desires. Without that emotional connection, your intentions are dead in the water.

Your power voice allows you to bypass the logical, reasoning mind  –home of the self-centered ego that quickly forgets about you and your goals. By speaking from your heart, you gain direct VIP access to your listener’s emotions and feelings. You tap into the real driving force of motivation — the heart.

Rather than directing others from the outside, the power voice plants an emotional seed inside the heart of your listener that gets him or her to genuinely buy into your message, the common goal for which you’re seeking their help.

Now, your listeners begin to see a clearer vision of their role in your objective. They take ownership in your goal, setting off a time-release dose of motivation that stays with them and continues to unfold long after their encounter with you.

Next, desire takes root, stimulating a wave of positive emotions that generate a firm, even passionate, commitment from within. And it moves people like no external stimulus can.

From a simple message, spoken from your heart, you can release a chain of events that trigger the deepest human psychological needs. It makes people feel important, like they have something to contribute, and that their contribution plays an integral role in the achievement of something larger than themselves.

Your natural-born power voice gives you the ability to influence people beyond their own vision of themselves, to empower them to look beyond what appears to be inevitable and see possibility in the impossible.

But like any muscle in your body, you must develop and strengthen your power voice with repeated application. When you do, an entire world of new possibilities opens up to you. You can enjoy long-sought benefits, such as:

  • Attracting, building, and solidifying key business and personal relationships, both old and new.
  • Create “committed listening” and compel people to listen to you, even when they don’t want to.
  • Spread your message and unleash your influence to groups — in meetings, intimate settings, or to the world.

And much, much, more.

Les Brown is a world-renowned motivational speaker, achievement trainer, and one of the pioneers of the self-development boom of the 1980s. He has been honored as one of the world’s top 5 speakers by Toastmasters International. Recently, he has begun sharing his expertise online via Webinars, such as “How to Find Your Power Voice” and “How to Find Your Power Business Strategies.” For more information, visit

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