When It Comes to Money, We tend to Follow a Program – But You Can Reprogram

By DeLayna Elliott

The last 18 months have proven to be a time of financial chaos and disruptions. From Wall Street to the remote villages in the world, all of our lives have been impacted.  

But you don’t have to panic. Even if you were adversely affected by this pandemic, there is hope. You have been endowed with a power so great, so lethal that laws were invoked, to destroy it … your mind. Society wants to control how and what you think. 

Thought is power. Whoever controls the thought has the power.

There is a passage in scripture which reveals the science of thought and why it’s so powerful: And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2)

Our mind is an operating system which runs with data downloaded from childhood, adolescent and adult experiences. What we hear, see, and feel dictates our behavior and money choices. For example, have you heard the following before?

  1. Money is evil
  2. Rich people steal and use others to get ahead
  3. In some cultures, being wealthy is frowned upon
  4. Men are better with money
  5. Women don’t need to learn about money, she can depend on others to do the thinking for her
  6. People of color are consumers not investors
  7. We must work twice as hard to get half the pay

The list goes on and on.

The pandemic is not COVID 19. The real pandemic is how people of color have been programmed about money. There is an economic pandemic program running in the background of our mental money data file. There’s no choice but to obey the commands ingested in the subconscious. It’s time to reprogram. It’s time to mind your money.

When the mind is developed it excels in making the right money decisions. Reasons with clarity. It analyzes with certainty. You will experience heightened intelligence. Changes to the mindset regarding money are taking place during this phase. The psychological barriers are shifted during development. Energy is shifted. You notice the people, places, and habits which are either draining you or filling you with energy. 

You are the designer of your money life. You are creating your own economy. 

There are seven phases of Soul Development — Reprogramming the Soul to Divine Wealth.   

  1. Analysis: In this phase we become aware of what our relationship to money is. It is where self-discovery begins. We all have a cultural narrative which shapes our beliefs, decisions and concepts of what money is. 
  2. Desire: In this phase we decide what we want. We allow ourselves to dig deep and dare to dream. We ask ourselves, “what is my desired financial outcome”? 
  3. Design: This is the planning phase. How do we get what we want? Create a design wealth plan.
  4. Develop: In this phase we begin to develop our mental muscles to replace the old beliefs, conversations, and mental chatter to align with the desired results of the design plan. 
  5. Testing: In this phase we begin to simulate real life scenarios and analyze the results. We test for defects and deficiencies in our new thoughts or code. If old habits and beliefs emerge, we fix those issues until the thoughts meet the original specifications or desired results. (Act as if we had the money we are asking for) 
  6. Manifest: Go Live/Execute your plan. We begin to live out loud. Start the business, land the dream job, invest, buy life insurance, buy the house, and create a legacy for our children.
  7. Monitor: Notice what we are noticing. Pay attention to our moves and actions. Did we get what we wanted? Financial increase.  

Mind Your Money 2.0-Soul Development Life Cycle 

It’s time to begin to journal your feelings, insights and thoughts about money.

DeLayna Michele Elliott is CEO of W3 Diamond Wealth Institute and Co-Founder of World Fidelity Life, a life insurance company. To find out more about Women With Wealth, visit www.WomenwithWealth.com. You can reach her at DeLayna@womenwithwealth.com

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