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Some folks may not think it is all that important to understand or to know what companies believe is important regarding their inclusive diversity efforts. Well, I am here to tell you that most companies believe it is a critical imperative to measure their internal impact and progress. 96% of companies in our survey measure their diversity & inclusion efforts. Companies’ believe that employees opinions matter and regardless of what you may personally feel they want you to share in a protective and trustworthy environment so they can achieve a great workplace.

Celebrating progress is a good thing and that will keep us all motivated to continue to do the best we can. But we do have to understand where the gaps are and we must be committed and dedicated to improving them. 100% of CEOs participating in our survey are committed to diversity and inclusion and has identified a diversity lead along with financial resources. Levels of commitment vary by CEO (that’s a reality).
Let me share some of the best practices tools companies are using to measure their diversity efforts based on our inclusive leadership survey.

  • 85% of companies use some type of engagement survey to gain insights from their employees (typically administered by a third party);
  •  81% of companies use a scorecard to help them identify gaps and areas not aligned;
  • 66% of companies use a diversity & inclusion dashboard;
  •   31% of companies additionally administer a diversity specific survey to go deeper to gather employee data on how they are doing;
  •   35% of companies engage in live feedback using various types of sources.

Key insights from this data is that companies are using multidimensional levels to gain insights to increase their understanding of how to support employee needs as well as develop initiatives to advance their inclusive diversity strategy. With that, I would say, it is absolutely necessary that you know who’s measuring what and how you can affect the outcomes.

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