ADP – 2011 50 Out Front #15


Roseland, NJ
31,405 employees

Founded 1949
CEO: Gary Butler
CDE: Clyde Jones

ADP’s diversity mission is to foster an inclusive work environment that embraces and leverages the diverse dimensions of each associate to support the long-term growth objectives of the company. It believes that without the many perspectives diversity provides, it couldn’t deliver world-class service to its clients. As a global leader in premier transaction processing and information-based business solutions, a diverse perspective is invaluable. Its diversity and inclusion initiative is in its fifth year and ADP is continuing its efforts with women in sales and ramping up its hiring efforts in the disability and military/veteran communities. It is also expanding its focus on succession planning for women and minorities, and intends to grow its associate resource groups over the next year. Its 8university hiring is at an all-time high with its successful diversity focused summer internship program in its third year.