Allstate Insurance – 2011 50 Out Front #9


Allstate defines inclusive diversity as the collective mixture of all differences and similarities in its workforce, workplace. and marketplace. As a core corporate value, Allstate says diversity defines who it is as a company and what it believes, thus holding each employee personally and professionally accountable. “At Allstate, inclusive diversity is a core business value and through leveraging all of our collective talents, we have better business results and outcomes,” says Chief Diversity Officer Michael Escobar. Allstate recognizes U.S. Census data that show U.S. communities are becoming more ethnically and culturally diverse, and the company believes that diversity is critical to meeting the needs of the customers it serves.

Allstate’s diversity initiatives are set and guided by an executive diversity council and implemented by its chief diversity and organization effectiveness officer. Through the council, it pursues diversity in its workforce and workplace, challenging the organization to be appropriately represented by women and people of color in its general employee population, among insurance agency owners and within its executive leadership. Additionally, Allstate believes that a percentage of procurement dollars should be spent with companies owned by minorities and women. All of these efforts, the company believes, lead to enhanced customer experience and ultimately, superior business results. Through its workforce diversity mission, Allstate seeks to sustain an effective organization that drives a high-performance culture, which in turn enables higher productivity and morale, and more innovation, collaboration, and risk taking. Company policies, procedures, and programs are designed to promote inclusion, work/life balance, dignity and respect, commitment to appropriate representation, and leveraging differences to maximize innovation and creativity. Allstate’s employee workforce comprises 60% women and nearly 30% minorities. More than 40% of its officers and managers are women and nearly 20% come from one of five minority groups. Of the nearly 13,000 Allstate agencies, nearly 40% are women and over 20% are minorities.