American Airlines – 2011 50 Out Front #28


Ft. Worth, TX
88,500 employees

Founded 1934
CEO: Gerard Arpey
CDE: Lauri Curtis

American holds the philosophy that cohesive and engaged employees are the force that drives new concepts and breakthrough thinking, and it maintains this by promoting an inclusive work environment that values the perspective of every employee. The airline’s corporate leaders communicate to all its employees that the company values diversity and inclusion and wants to honor those that achieve professionally and personally. To this end, diversity communication goes to all employees through American’s internal web portal, quarterly company publications, mass e-mails, etc., generating awareness and encouraging employees to be involved in ongoing diversity efforts. American’s Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) is a consulting body dedicated to the creation of a work environment that promotes and respects the unique backgrounds and perspectives of all individuals, thus maximizing employee and customer satisfaction, and business profitability. The company has several employee affinity groups and a supplier diversity program in place as well.