American Airlines – 2012 50 Out Front #11


American Airlines

Fort Worth, Texas
73,802 employees
CEO: Thomas W. Horton
CDE: Laura Einspanier

Diversity mission: American is more than an airline. We are a global company that connects people from many different cultures and communities. For us, diversity and inclusion aren’t just inspirational goals. That’s just the way we do business.

American Airlines, a subsidiary of the AMR Corp., is a business where diversity and inclusion are integrated on a daily basis. It has been awarded and recognized for its leadership in advancing matters of equality and inclusion. From hiring the industry’s first African-American flight attendant in 1963, to the first female pilot in 1973, to the creation of a supplier diversity program in the 1980s and its diverse segment marketing teams in the 90s, American has a long history of leadership in diversity. Today, corporate leaders encourage diversity communication through American’s internal web portal, quarterly company publications, mass e-mails, etc., generating awareness and encouraging employees to be involved in ongoing diversity efforts. American’s Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) is a consulting body dedicated to the creation of a work environment that promotes and respects the unique backgrounds and perspectives of all individuals, thus maximizing employee and customer satisfaction, and business profitability. For American, diversity and inclusion are not just inspirational goals.