Bain & Co – 2012 50 Out Front # 36


Bain & Co

Boston, MA
5,500 employees
CEO: Orit Gadiesh
CDE: Russ Hagey

Diversity mission: At Bain, we believe that the best solution to a complex problem always comes from a different perspective or a fresh point of view. As a result, diversity is encouraged within the organization.

As a leading management consulting firm serving a large variety of industries, Bain considers its diversity to be an integral part of its business. Through employee resource groups such as Blacks at Bain, it offers support and resources for the professional success and retention of its diverse workforce. This includes both formal and informal mentoring, knowledge and experience sharing, and annual conferences and other events aimed at raising awareness of Bain’s values and recruiting other talented young consultants of similar backgrounds. High on Bain’s diversity agenda is the recruitment and advancement of women within the organization. Bain’s Global Women’s Leadership Conference aims to make Bain the employer of choice for the best female business talent in the world. The mission of the council is to provide a structure for women, within Bain, that creates leadership opportunities for women and ensures their success with the proper leadership training, support, and mentorship and coaching, particularly at critical transition points in their development.