Bayer Corp. – 2012 50 Out Front # 37


Bayer Corp.

Morristown, NJ; Leverkusen, Germany
111,800 employees
CEO Gregory S. Babe
CDE: Diana Camyk

Diversity mission: Employees play an important key role in driving our innovation, and when their diverse perspectives are valued and respected, they are more committed and engaged. Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our culture incorporated in LIFE, our company values.

In 2011, with a growing global presence outside of Europe and North America, Bayer sought to reflect its growth by increasingly entrusting leadership roles to employees in these emerging regions. While Bayer employs 127 nationalities, only 22 are represented in its Global Leadership Circle, and 70% are native to the country in which they work. Bayer also took measures to further promote collaboration among employees, and between employees and customers of different cultural backgrounds. As a part of this initiative, Bayer launched GlobeSmart, an online tool through which employees can obtain information about etiquette and communication behaviors in more than 60 countries. Additionally, Bayer focused heavily on recruiting from the talent-rich pool of women. Bayer has established goals of raising the proportion of women in its five highest management grade levels from approximately 22% currently, toward 30% by 2015. These efforts, along with their existing employee networks and diversity councils have Bayer moving in the right direction on diversity.