Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. – 2012 50 Out Front # 29


Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

McLean, VA
26,000 employees
CEO Ralph W. Shrader
CDE: Mark McLane

Diversity mission: At Booz Allen, we believe diversity of thought contributes to more innovative ideas, which in turn drives better results not only for our clients, but also for the world around us. Putting this belief into action, we’ve made diversity one of our core values and embed diversity and inclusion practices throughout our employee life-cycle and people programs. We set explicit diversity and inclusion objectives in our annual business planning process.

As a solutions-driven company, Booz Allen Hamilton understands the value of diversity. Taking a more strategic approach, it believes that diversity in the workforce translates to diversity in thought, an essential component to its business. Viewing diversity as an ever-evolving entity, Booz Allen focuses not just on diversity as it exists today, but on its future state as well. This allows the company to structure its organization and philosophy, around traditional diversity issues as well as emerging issues such as an aging workforce and the increasing number of disabled workers. Booz Allen frequently hosts employee-run grassroots diversity forums which consists of panel discussions, learning and development series, and cultural celebrations that allow employees an opportunity to discuss and celebrate their differences. Booz Allen’s philosophy on diversity goes beyond its own corporate structure. As a leading technology consulting firm, it has successfully developed the diversity initiatives for the US Navy, Internal Revenue Service and several private-sector companies.