Burger King Corp. – 2011 50 Out Front #33


Miami, FL
38,840 employees (corporate)

Founded 1954
CEO: John Chidsey
CDE: Robert Perkins

With over 12,000 locations in 73 countries serving nearly 11 million customers daily, Burger King has long considered diversity a business imperative that must constantly focus on creating a work environment that respects and embraces the differences in its workforce and customers. In 1991, it established a Diversity Action Council that serves as an independent working advisory board in the formulation and evaluation of diversity development goals. It’s composed of employees from BK and external organizations representing the franchise and community interests of various minority groups. The firm has incorporated inclusion into its business strategies and charted a specific course of action to provide the greatest return. This involved the development of what it calls its four pillars: 1) Operators/Suppliers: Increasing the number of diversity-owned restaurants/franchisees and increasing its supplier diversity.  2.) Community: Outreach to diverse community organizations. 3) Guests: Reaching multi-cultural consumers. 4).Workforce: Building a workforce reflective of its community through recruiting, mentoring, retention, training, and benefits.