Cisco – 2012 50 Out Front # 35



San Jose, CA
71,825 employees
CEO: John Chambers
CDE: Sandy Hoffman

Diversity mission: Together we create. Creation is fun, exciting, and exhilarating. The more diverse our sources of inspiration, the more inventive and creative ideas we have to work with.

In 2011, networking giant Cisco saw the percentage of women in its global workforce decline from 24% to 22%, and the new hires among women fell from 22% to 19%. Still, Cisco turned in noteworthy numbers in the past year with respect to diversity. In the United States, 45% of Cisco’s employees reported that they were non-Caucasian, compared to 44% in 2010. The proportion of new hires who declared that they were non-Caucasian rose from 42% in 2010 to 47%t in 2011. Non-Caucasians made up 24% of vice presidents in 2011, up from 22% in 2010. To achieve these numbers, Cisco focused on several diversity initiatives aimed at tailoring support for specific minority employee groups. Added to these initiatives is a comprehensive list of educational tools designed to educate employees on topics of diversity. Included are courses such as “Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts!” which delivers six techniques to help employees address stereotypes and bias in the workplace.